Tools & Frameworks
for Design Experience

Here are a couple of tools that we can use as designers, product managers and humans to understand design processes better.

01 The Visual Design Playbook

An objective process to comprehend this subjective field of design.

The handbook is a blend of the frameworks, process templates, best practice and checklists for creating a comprehensive visual design strategy for the product as well as managing a design team. Designers can leverage this comprehensive repository of practices, processes and information to fortify their creative endeavours. In a nutshell, when you are uncertain about how to get started or how to proceed, the visual design handbook’s expertise comes into play. However, this is a living document, and hence, there will always be room for innovation developments.

02 Visual Design Heuristic Tool

An objective lens to evaluate products and judge its compliance with recognized visual design standards.

Published in UX

Evaluating the visual designs of a digital product is always subjective, and ambiguity is the word that comes to my mind. Now for UX, we have the 10 usability heuristic by Nielsen Norman Group, and ‘Aesthetics & Minimalism’ is just a single aspect. But, visual design is more than just AESTHETICS. It’s also about consistency, accessibility, scalability and much more!