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Finding a Resonating Story

A storytelling concept for an AI logistics issue resolution BOT.

Overview -
Searching for the heart

Understanding the requirement and seeking the real emotional problem we intend to solve.

Data mismatch between the NLC and SAP systems has caused a delay in the medication logistics and delivery system. Approximately 3.2 million people in the USA are physically or mentally affected by this delay. This project aimed to present the proof of concept, an AI-based solution to resolve medication lockdown issues faced within the Pharma logistics system, using an emotion-inducing medium.

We proposed an interactive storytelling approach to present the POC to the potential buyers by humanising the solution and showing the actual problem we intend to solve.

Learning, contributing and growing...

I recommended and successfully presented the storytelling approach to present the product. I participated in creating the questionnaire used to understand the potential buyers' interests. I was provided with the opportunity to be individually responsible for the storytelling research, storyboarding, asset creation and animation.

Using the magic wand 🪄

The initial proposal that we received from the team was a fact-heavy PowerPoint presentation. Sure, it talked about the numbers, the metrics, logical processing and issues solved by the AI solution. The presentation pitch had everything for the brain but nothing for the heart.

Our honest attempt was to build a story that added emotion to the frame and create a genuinely resonating message.

Storytelling Research -
The essentials of a good story

Find the human context - Making a Hero out of the product

The first step is to understand the context of the narrative. Research shows that our brains think of companies not as objects but as people. Every time someone engages with your brand, they ask you: “So tell me about yourself.” The narrative context must be a human, not an institutional, relationship.

Identifying the shared purpose

Learning more about the audience

The cornerstone of a strategic narrative is a shared purpose. This shared purpose is the outcome that our potential buyers and we work toward together. It’s more than a value proposition of what our product delivers to them. It’s the journey that we are on with them; the relationship shifts from clients to co-creator by having a shared purpose.

The insights required to better understand the audience is actually qualitative in nature, as statistical analysis wouldn't be that helpful in deciphering the psychology of storytelling.  These insights would help us in designing a story tailored to the interests of the potential viewers.

Sketching and Storyboarding

How the story unfolds?

A couple of concepts were explored before we identified the best human-centred message that could be used to evoke emotions and resonate with the audience.

Discover and Mould

The concept exploration phase

So began the hunt for the right visual tone. I started the search to be inspired by the best storytelling brands in the market. I was also influenced by conceptual projects for IKEA, Uber, and gaming products.


The inspiration board

The inspiration collection stage was followed by a diligent mood boarding exercise, which gave rise to two key concepts presented below.

Concept 1

Boldness / Sophistication / Confident

Concept 2

Subtle / Refreshing / Positive

Becoming a

The create, design and animate phase

Huzzah! we had a consensus - concept 1 was approved, and it was time to heat up the machine and get to work. I started by sketching out the characters and the scene in a much more detail-oriented manner, uploaded these articles to my system, and created the vector illustrations and assets with the help of Adobe Illustrator. These assets would later be used to animate the scenes using Adobe After Effects.

The interactive story

Finally, the moment we all were waiting for, presenting - the brave story of our hero 'The Super-bot' as it relentlessly detects errors and resolves them in real-time, thereby bringing a smile to a lot of faces and relieving frustrations across the country's logistics and purchase networks. The interactive story was presented with a background narration.

Disclaimer: The organisation's logo has been masked due to confidentiality reasons.


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